Taimoshan Triumph TBS Cafe Racer 23 May 14

This was a pretty plain old 1998 Triumph Thunderbird Sport until Taimoshan Cycle Works got their hands on it.

These bikes have a strong and reliable engine making good torque and power of about 85hp is stardard form, but pretty boring.

All the electrics and wiring from behind the side covers has been removed opening the bike up. The lines of the tank were not liked so they extended the hight of the rear subframe, and in so doing raised the back of the tank by about 2 inches, just enough to fix the styling.

They swapped the TBS exhaust for the standard TS unit which has a can on either side of the bike in true café racer form. They also kicked the pipes up at a steeper angle and tweaked a few other things, like lowering the headlight, lowering the gauges and making some one off carbon fibre parts for the bike i.e. Radiator end caps and two special sculptured side covers to hide the bolts and wiring loom as it passes under the tank.

The carbs had to be radically re-jetted to make the bike run with the pod filters and the trademark open pipes. The upside is the sound and the extra power from the super smooth Triumph Triple .


Frame: 1998 Triumph Thunderbird Sport, front half un-modified, the rear subframe, chopped and extended to raise the seat height and the back of the tank by about 2 inches.

Engine: Standard internals, serviced, carbs re-jetted after fitting pod filters and open pipes.

Exhaust: Standard Triumph Thunderbird exhaust (front half) and kicked up adapter for aftermarket reverse megaphone end cans.

Bars: Clipon race bars, factory racing grips

Front end: Standard forks rebuilt and polished yokes and fork legs

Dash: Custom carbon fibre dash with Triumph Daytona gauges

Tank: Custom metallic black paint done in-house at TCW

Seat unit: Aftermarket Mecca Twin style copy seat unit and mini front guard painted in-house by TCW

Electrics: All electrics relocated in the newly create cavity under the seat unit, with the gel battery located under the seat hump.

Carbon parts: Custom one-off radiator end caps in carbon by TCW and one-off carbon side covers and rear hugger.

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Alan Goodsell , 23 May 14