RSD Custom Indian Track Chief 22 September 14

RSD (Roland Sands Design) built this bike for one of the owners of the last iteration of Indian before they sold to Polaris. He'd owned a few custom bikes and had a lot of problems with them. For this bike reliability was a top concern so they took a lot of care in making sure it retained stockish elements so it would start every time. The wiring loom was a big problem, but they had some underground help from Indian to strip it down to the essentials.

The key to this project was nailing the geometry. Considering it was a rigid with a leaf fork RSD had concerns about how it was going to handle. Function wise it couldn't of turned out better. Roland rode the bike all over Sturgis, in the twisties and was really happy with it.

Since the bike has a springer fork on it, the steel top triple tree bolts completely down to the front fork. Very solid and very safe. Welding the bars straight to the top triple allowed them to make very narrow bars and eliminated the use of risers. They are basically clip-ons… without relying on a pinch bolt. The custom seat was made by the Bitchin Seat Company.

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Alan Goodsell , 22 September 14