Mr Martini's Nine T 30 October 14

The Italian company Mr Martini are well know in the custom bike world for their marvelous creations using Triumphs as the base bikes they like to customize.

This time however, they have taken BMW's Nine T and customized it using their own unique style. On their Nine T they have tidied up the look of the bike and stripped off many of the stock parts that have a less than appealing look. The seat is lovely cafe style and the Zard exhaust gives the bike an aggressive look, and no doubt the sound to go with it.

The Mr Martini lab sums up the long-time experience of Nicola Martini; and states that it is a place where things are not only created, but experimented with, and where unique motorbikes are created. Mr Martini explores new concepts about motorbikes and accessories, creating new styles.Years dedicated to work and research have traced a unique two-wheeled story, a truly Italian story which contributed to the culture of motorbike style.

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Alan Goodsell , 30 October 14