LaveRau Laverda by Custom Wolf 27 November 14

It is the goal of Wolfgang Bätz of Custom Wolf in Laaber Germany to give a motorcycle an independent design or to create an entirely new motorcycle. His goal is not about following any trends, but to create bikes with their own and timeless lines.

His combination of trade and design consistently enables him to develop unique motorcycles. Handmade motorcycles by Custom-Wolf can not always be put in know categories, sometimes they create new one´s. Although diversity and imagination are Custom Wolf's strengths they place much emphasis on the driveability of the motorcycle. Whether a newly constructed show bike or a refined series bike, motorcycles are there for riding, even individually designed ones.

One of his creations is the LaveRau which is built using a Laverda 3 cylinder engine in a Custom Wolf Rau frame and utilizing some parts from MV Augusta and Ducati but mostly incorporating custom made parts by Custom Wolf.


  • Engine: Laverda 1172 lacquered and polished
  • Airfilter: Custom-Wolf stack
  • Exhaust: Lafranconi
  • Frame: Rau / Custom Wolf
  • Forks: MV Agusta f4
  • Triple trees: Benelli TNT 1130
  • Wheels:
  • Front: Ducati Paul Smart 3,5 x 17
  • Rear: Ducati Paul Smart 5,5 x 17
  • Brakes: 4-piston MV Agusta
  • Tank: Custom-Wolf Alu
  • Half cowling: Custom-Wolf
  • Headlights: Custom-Wolf
  • Seat hump: Custom-Wolf
  • Fender: Custom-Wolf Alu
  • Instrument: Motogadget Classic

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Alan Goodsell , 27 November 14