Moto Morini 350cc Cafe Build 07 November 14

Back in November 2013 I purchased a Moto Morini 350cc K2 vintage 1984. I had been looking out for one for 3 or 4 months, following quite a lot of mentions last year in the classic press. I also had seen that Sammy Miller was using a 1974 3-1/2 Sport model to get to his bike museum in New Milton near to where I live. If it’s good enough for Sammy with his massive collection of bikes its good enough for me.

This is what my Morini 350cc 1984 looked like when I bought it in Nov 2013 >>>

I was looking for the mid 70’s sport model as they have a nice classic Café Racer style from new; they are also about twice the price as a K2. In my opinion the appearance of the K2 was more like a 1980’s Jap bike with its square black plastic headlamp and metallic silver plastic add on parts, I decided when I bought the bike I would make a Café Racer out of it which is what I did and is shown in the photos opposite.

The start of the process is to strip the bike down removing the parts to be replaced >>>

First job, remove the plastic >>>

I set about taking off the parts that I wanted to replace, the headlamp, tank, seat, side panels, exhausts, tail section with rear light and number plate fixing. I tried some café racer tanks and seats that I had in stock but was not really happy with the fit or appearance of any of them. This would be a job for my Alloy seat and tank maker based in India Singh, from Singh Precisions.

My drawing and how the tank turned out >>>

What I had to do now was make drawings of the dimensions of tanks and seat for him to use when building the parts as he had not seen one of these bikes before

This was quite a challenge for Singh and also for me as you can see I am not experienced in technical drawings, this was a first for me. I sent them off to Singh in India and carried on with the rebuild as far as I could until the new tank and seat arrived.

The headlight and handlebars were the next to go on. I had sourced a really nice chrome headlamp from my local parts supplier “Brit Bitts” of Bournemouth. I was given a pair of clip-ons with the bike, and I will use them to start with as they are reversible without dropping the forks.

Looking better already with the new headlight and clip-ons >>>

Now I have fitted some very nice straight through pipes, I should be heard with those! >>>

The tank has arrived from Singh, see the cut-outs he did for the two air box’s The tank went on well, following some adjustments to the ignition coil fixings, and is secured by the alloy strap as supplied by Unity Spares in the UK. The seat was the next fitting job and I have to say it took quite a bit longer than tank took. It was the size and dimensions that I had specified but it did have some issues. The main problem was access under the seat to tighten the four fixing points, in the end I cut a square out of the rear fender which solved the problem.

The seat is fitted, now all I have to do is fit the leather seat pad >>>

Now just the final finishing, I fitted the new side panels and the rear number plate mount, again some electrical components had to be moved. The project is nearly done but I was still waiting to find a red front fender to replace the metallic silver plastic one, this was fitted a bit later as you can see in the pictures.

Now with the red front fender >>>

That’s it finished, I have to say it’s a great bike to ride, and has a very strong engine for a 350cc with excellent braking and with true Italian race bike handling.



Alan Goodsell , 07 November 14