Kawasaki W8 Spirit - Spirit of the 70s 09 December 14

Kev Taggart and Tim Rogers, mates who share an obsession for motorcycles and formed Spirit of the Seventies to create classic, stylish custom bikes, with decent performance, for others who share their philosophy. To help other riders create their "forever" bikes and to fill their motorcycle void.

Kawasaki UK approached them with a fantastic idea; could they freshen up their lovely, if slightly "steady", W800 twin cylinder retro classic. They agreed and went on to design three styles of bike; a roadster, a street scrambler, and a classic racer. Kawasaki opted to develop the scrambler design and delivered an ex-press fleet W800 to them. They then designed a series of scramblers with different finishes and paint schemes, with their Facebook Fans choosing which one we built by voting for their favourite. The overwhelming choice was the bike you see here.

The cherry on the cake was to have the finished bike take pride of place on the Kawasaki stand at Motorcycle Live, NEC 2012, which was an honour and a privilege.

Pictures by Tim Rogers and Mykel Nicolaou

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Alan Goodsell , 09 December 14