Mac Motorcycles Thumpers 12 December 14

Mark Wells & Ian Wride at Xenophya Design met while working in the North East of England. This gave them the chance to indulge their respective obsessions with motorcycles and a collaboration was born. They took this, wrote the design brief and started 'Mac Motorcycles'.

The Brief:

  • Simple to maintain.
  • Nothing surplus-to-requirements.
  • Chopper and bobber references/details.
  • The lines of a rigid frame but with suspension.
  • Use a Buell 'Blast' motor and exploit its shape.
  • Harley posture, flat-tracker manners, Ducati handling.
  • Exploit the power-to-weight ratio of a 500cc single in a lightweight chassis.
  • A return to the spirit of motorcycling - the journey is the experience / story.

The Motor

Stock motors produce 34 HP at 6500 RPM but a bolt-on big-bore kit (515 cc), Andrews Cams, a Mikuni HSR 42 carb', Screamin' Eagle ignition and a Supertrapp exhaust will produce around 50 HP at 7200 RPM.

The Bikes

The Spud
You know the sort of thing, cut stuff off so it'll go faster in a straight line, we think of it as a bike for mooching about the lanes and streets on, feet forward, grin on your face, sit-up-and-beg - you can call it a 'Bobber' if you like... we call it 'Spud'.

The Peashooter
Call your mates, grab your bike and ride to your favourite place for a beer and a good natter... put the world to rights and blast home again, you could call it a cafe-racer but to us it's a 'Peashooter' !

The Ruby
His first girlfriend was called 'Ruby' they were in junior school together, you know the sort, 'the-girl-next-door', always around, everyone liked her and she was your soul mate too. Say hello to Ruby, she'll always be his first love.

The Roarer
When dinosaurs ruled the earth... The pre-war glory days. The enthusiastic amateur. The experimental Works Special.

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Alan Goodsell , 12 December 14