Speed Triple Cafe Racer by Garnier Motorcycles 05 December 14

Garnier Motorcycles have modified a 1995 T300 Speed Triple. This French custom workshop have managed to modernize the looks of this classic bike.

The front remains original including the forks, brakes, wheels, triple trees and master cylinder level but the fender was customized and it is now small and minimalist. The headlight is slimmer than the original headlight, the tachometer is original but enclosed in a small aluminum sleeve, the speedo is a mountain bike one.

The tank was modified substantially in height, originally it goes down fairly low on the frame, for aesthetics they removed a good 50mm from the lower part. Then, it was cut and recessed in the back, so as to accommodate the battery and the expansion tank.

At the rear, they created a simple frame loop to replace the subframe, and they also custom made the saddle and rearset controls.

The exhausts are Franck Depoisier silencers (Mecatwin). They were fitted using the elbows and sections of the original pipes and welded together to form a small spaghetti arrangement.

They made a small hugger for the back wheel and the small light on the seat is a small strip of LEDs that for the light and brake light.

The motor is pretty much stock and just some small adjustments were made including the K&N filters fitted to the carbs and a Dynojet kit is installed.

Carlo Bagalini, photographer

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Alan Goodsell , 05 December 14