The Revolver by Carpy's Cafe Racers 19 December 14

Carpy's Cafe Racers are located in Aneheim Southern California, where Steve "Carpy" Carpenter creates cafe racer motorcycles, as well as offering parts and apparel. His builds are all based on 750 Hondas and "The Revolver" build started out as an old beaten up 1976 Honda that was abandoned in his back yard for well over 20 years.

After totally stripping the bike the work of building began. The frame was cleaned of any unnecessary brackets and a new seat hoop welded on. He had to spend about 2 weeks getting the frame shaved and smoothed before even applying the base coat, a rich Aztec Gold flake, which was then finished with ton of clear coat.

He used one of Carpy's own swing arms that he chromed, and its drilled finish ties in with the name revolver as the holes are like bullet holes. The forks were machined with his signature styling, magnafluxed, then the internals were rebuilt, and finally polished. The front caliper was also polished and he hand drilled the brake rotor. The same treatment was applied to the rear drum too. Polished hubs were rebuilt and then the rims painted and then fitted with stainless spokes to add a great contrast to the bike. The wheels were then shod with the Bridgestone tires Carpy has used for decades.

The front end of the Revolver does look quite menacing and they actually lowered the front of this motorcycle two inches for the bike to achieve its own unique look with an aggressive stance.

The motor was was totally stripped and then built to 836cc, using a Wisco set up, and was then ported. The bike got tons of cool original engine parts like the 70′s velocity stacks etc.

Gold bolts and gold shocks etc were used to keep a flow to the bike and the gold chain is a $230 DID. Continuing the gold theme he designed the gauge faces and used gold flake for the lettering and logo.

More detail was added such as braided throttle cables, tach and speedometer cables, as well as the clutch cable. The exhaust system is a Yoshimura style 4 into 1 and it sounds like a scowled cat!

This bike was built and shipped to the other side of the world to Australia where it now resides.

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Alan Goodsell , 19 December 14