Honda CBX750 Cafe Racer by Kerkus 22 January 15

The bike started its life as a traffic police patrol bike, its a very common sight to see them in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where Kerkus Cycles are based. The traffic police use them everyday to control the traffic, to escort people and chase bad guys. People call them “Kuda Putih (White Horse)” and the guys from Kerkus never thought that they were going to get one of these bikes to customize and turn into something cool.

When they first got this bike, they were skeptical whether it had the potential to be a cafe racer. The frame of this bike is designed more towards an easy rider riding position. It doesn’t have a straight line at all. The tank was boxy and short, full of sirens and extra lights, wiring was a nightmare, front fairing was huge, front fork was too high, the bike uses shaft drive instead of chain and etc, etc.

A 1980 CB750C gas tank was used to replace the stock tank in order to get a longer proportion for the bike. It also solved the issue of limited space underneath the gas tank as the main frame of this bike is a box shape instead of normal tube shape. They also used an alloy Monza flip-up cap for the tank gas cap just to get a classic look for it.
To retain the essence of having a fairing for this CBX750, the huge fairing was changed into a cool half fairing setup. A 6-1/2″ chrome headlight was fitted and finished with yellow tinted lens and a big “X” to show how badass this bike is. The stance of the bike looks more aggressive with the new CNC clip-on handlebars, finished with a pair of bar-end mirrors. The front fender, side cover, battery box and the tail section was fabricated with metal sheet by Kerkus where lots of hours were spent to get the right shape and design.

The owner was into classic cafe racer looks, so it was decided to used the 450-18 Firestone M/C Blackwall tires for the front tire and 16″ Shinko for the rear tire. The front forks were lowered down 2-1/2″ to make the bike look more stable and tough. A new pair of shorty reverse cone megaphone mufflers in chrome were fitted and the pipes painted with high-temp matt black so that the mufflers will be more noticeable. They wanted to have a simple look in the airbox & battery area, so the stock airbox was removed and a new airfilter setup was installed. They fabricated a new but much simpler battery box where all the other wiring can be hidden inside. The huge instruments were removed and were replaced with a separate speedo and rpm gauge in chrome.

The paintjob was done by Bigcat Motorart and a nice Kerkus logo was part of the design of the tank with color combination of silver, black and brass. A code number of M1-21 can be seen on the tail section where the meaning of it remains secret only to the bike owner.

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Alan Goodsell , 22 January 15