Laverda SF 750 Scout by Kruz Co. 07 January 15

The Kruze Company in Brussels was born from the encounter between two motorcycle lovers, each of them trying their hand at their passion, assembling and dismantling machines in secret, in the back of their garage. Thanks to the support of their friends and relatives, they decided to live from their passion and opened a workshop.

This project started when the customer just asked Kruz for a two seat motorcycle and provided the donor bike, a Laverda SF 750, which was in bad shape. It arrived in boxes with no tank, no wiring and a broken engine. Work began and it was decided to keep the frame original, after all it is a Laverda from 1974!

Virtually all the custom parts are made or supplied by Kruz including the 2-into-1 exhaust, the seat, the leather luggage, the electric and electronics. To top it of the guys from Kruz modified a tank from a Honda CB 750, which proved difficult because of the unusual SF Laverda frame. The engine was completely rebuilt by Van Dijk in Holland the bike is finished off with a distinctive blue/grey tank with a red frame.

The mods:

  • CB 750 fuel tank
  • Kruz seat
  • Kruz mud guards
  • Kruz side plates
  • Kruz 2-into-1exhaust
  • Kruz luggage holder
  • Horse luggage
  • Kruz bespoke wiring, electronic ignition
  • GPS bespoke speedo
  • Kruz Front end
  • Wheels and brakes rebuild
  • Fully rebuild engine by Van Dijk in Holland

Pictures by Thierry Dricot

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Alan Goodsell , 07 January 15