Speedtractor T61 Catalina Special 15 January 15

In 2012 these guys made motorcycles for their friends. 2013 saw the launch of Speedtractor in Tokyo at which time they started to build bikes commercially. The say "Our motorcycles are never the fastest and rarely the latest but will always leave you wearing the biggest grin".

They were haunted by images of BSA’s 500cc Catalina scrambler and decided to build a modern day interpretation of what the Catalina’s engineers had worked to capture all those years ago. The Speedtractor bike is based on an awesomely out of vogue Suzuki 400, and the Speedtractor T-61 Catalina Special offers all the mods you need to hit the dirt and work up a sweat.

The bike is dominated by the clean lines of a big single cylinder motor, the concept also features scrambler high pipes, looped sub-frame, short seat and alloy rear fender, long travel rear suspension, vintage style headlight and custom mount mini speedometer, fork gaiters, integrated indicator alloy headlight stays, low rise tracker bars, vintage ribbed grips for your riding pleasure and an optional yet recommended alloy front fender. Not to mention the front drum brake that completes the look.


  • Motor: 400cc or 650cc 4 Stroke Suzuki Single optional FCR carburettor
  • Seat: Custom short scrambler plain or tuck roll
  • Headlight: Vintage steel shell with chrome, Speedtractor’s own indicator-in-stay headlight mount and analogue mini speedo with mount
  • Bars: Low rise scrambler
  • Brakes: 4 Leading shoe drum front, drum rear
  • Exhaust: One off high pipe with optional PDS megaphone
  • Frame: TIG welded custom subframe
  • Suspension: 40mm front forks with custom spring/spacer/damping set up, 25mm over rear shocks with optional adjustable Icon gas shock ugrade
  • Wheels: Alloy Akront style H rims, 36 spoke
  • Weight: You should know better than to ask a lady how much she weighs…

Pricing: From 895,000 yen,

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Alan Goodsell , 15 January 15