Bluebird by Farley & Ace 20 February 15

Farley & Ace Inc. specialize in supplying bike parts and custom bike builds, they are based in Pittston PA.

The Bluebird is their Chassis project using a Bonneville 790 motor as a base, the Bluebird has a trellis style frame built of Reynolds 631 motorcycle tubing. The front end is salvaged from a Suzuki GSXR600, and the rear hub, bearings, brake and drive from a Triumph Sprint ST. The single sided swinging arm is built from 631 as well.

The geometry has been laid out at 55.5" wheelbase, 23 degree head angle, 1.25" rake, approximately 3.6" trail, seat height target is at 30". They planned to incorporate some used and some new items, and made many of the parts for the project as necessary. BST carbon wheels, brakes from Braking, Italy, rear suspension from lifted from a Ducati and tires from Avon. Bluebird tips the scales at 405lbs wet.

They rushed to get it ridable for the Fifth Connecticut Rockers Reunion, and it performed beyond their expectations on the 650 mile round trip. During the trip they encountered all kinds of riding conditions, clear and fair, to lightning and downpours, interstate slab to frosty two lane rural twisties. Bluebird flew through it all with aplomb and style. With its relatively short wheelbase and steering geometry it handles corners with tremendous agility, while also being very stable at highway speeds and beyond.

The Bluebird sports their new Meriden 2, 3/4 fairing. The new fairing molds integrate the 1/2 fairing extensions for a cleaner look than the original fairings which used bolt up extensions. The fairing system is modular, and full or 3/4 lowers are bolted up to the upper with molded in flanges that conceal the fasteners. Coventry 2 style fairings are also now available in the same cleaner modular construction. They also make Meriden 2 with no headlight cutout for racing applications or custom headlight applications.

Bluebird was built as a "dream bike", and as a showcase for what can be done for their customers. It demonstrates their build philosophy: unique motorcycles that reflect their owners' personality and are perfectly functional and reliable for daily use or the long haul... whether parked or active, they will bring a smile to your face and contentment to your heart.

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Alan Goodsell , 20 February 15