Kevin's CX650 Cafe Racer 13 February 15

There are a lot of exciting custom bikes being built by amateur builders and this Honda CX650 cafe racer is a perfect example of the incredible work that can be done by a dedicated enthusiast. Kevin Murphy is based in Ocala FL and I met him when he came to a UniqueBike360 event to have his bike photographed. He also came to meet TurboTim, our UK Correspondent, who he has been communicating with for many years through the Honda CX Turbo Association Facebook group. While we were chatting he invited us to visit his place and find out more about his passion for v-twin Hondas. We had a great time and were impressed with his workmanship.

Here is Kevin's build described here in his own words:

"I'm a retired master tech and have been working on every variation of the CX's since they first came out in 1978. I restore CX's and GL's for a hobby now. I have built quit a few of these custom bikes over the years and this one is the result of everything I've learned building them.

I've been working on rounding up parts around the world and building this bike for almost two years. It's a CX650 Turbo frame from the gas tank back joined to a GL500 front frame section. It has Honda CBR954RR suspension front and rear. The gas tank and the exhaust system are from a GL650 Euro. I always wanted a Euro bike but could never find a nice one in the US so I figured I would build my own version.

The engine is from a GL650, it came from a well maintained bike with only 8000 miles that was crashed. I spent a lot of time getting the carbs jetted perfectly and it shows when you ride it as it runs extremely well. I also did a complete reseal on the engine and it now runs better then new. Everything on this bike is either new or rebuilt. I'm using the Legendary motorcycles Phat tail and seat pad. All the electronics are hiding under the seat including a new full size AGM battery. I built this bike then rode it for 1500 miles then I sent all the body work out for paint and installed two Dunlop ZR radials on freshly powder coated wheels.

A lot of people are building these bikes on the 500 platform, I use the 650's because they are really a 674cc and produce 15 more horsepower out of the box. It's running the CX650 Turbo rear end so it performs much better than the stock CX500/CX650. The 500 has a 3.09 gear and the Turbo is a 3.40, I built this bike to ride not just to look at."

Well done Kevin, this bike is truly inspiring and I hope everyone reading this will enjoy checking it out as much as I did.

Alan Goodsell


Alan Goodsell , 13 February 15