The 97 K1200 BELL KAFF (KAgusta) 24 February 15

RomeStant Engineering and Design, home of the SpecialK series of finely crafted custom BMW K bikes. Every SpecialK begins with an inspired vision and is fed by passion. No detail is overlooked. No creative opportunity is left unexplored. The possibilities are endless. An ongoing dialog with each client is vital. Exquisite consideration is given to every aspect of the build, from chassis dynamics and ride quality to colors and finish. RomeStant develop a unique 3-D model for every build to clearly communicate design intent to the client at each stage. Whether you own an early K model ‘Flying Brick’ BMW that you just want to spruce up and modernize or desire a frame up one of a kind machine you have gone to the right place.

Larry Romestant Says
"I always thought the early (1983-2009) BMW Flying Brick K-bikes were superbly engineered but I personally thought they were visually unappealing. I purposely avoided them and, instead, embraced the Boxer and the purist's disdain for all things non-opposing. Then the fortuitous ownership of a neglected K75 enlightened me and caused me to see past the garish and lumpy exterior and appreciate, even grow to respect the fine engineering and stout design of the Brick's heart. All BMW K-Series models are excellent machines, but not very friendly for a Retro Cafe Racer project. This 97 K1200 BELL KAFF project and video will prove that I'm wrong."


  • 1997 K1100LT Frame
  • 2004 K1200RS Engine 
  • 6 Speed Transmission 
  • Engine: 1200CC 
  • Wheelbase 62 inches 
  • Weight: 526 LBS dry 
  • Twin shock swingarm- Final Drive Ratio 2.90:1 (32:11) 
  • 4LS 200mm front brake (SUZUKI GT750) 
  • Custom rear hub with standard 200mm BMW R80RT rear drum brake 
  • Patent-Pending cable to hydraulic to cable brake/clutch under-tank mechanism 
  • Wheels: 100-90/18 Front 130-60/18 Rear 
  • Tires: Bridgestone Spitfire II

Photos by Scott Martin

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Alan Goodsell , 24 February 15