AN-BU's B-05 K 03 March 15

AN-BU Custom Motors are based in Nagoya Japan and custom build both cars and bikes. They have a large portfolio of bikes they have created and they use many of the parts they sell in their parts shop in their construction.

This bike, dubbed the B-05 K, is based on the humble Yamaha GX400SP and is created in the style of a TZ racing bike.

The bike wears an AN-BU cowl and lower fairing which houses a single headlight placed to one side. The fairing is cut around the wrapped exhaust pipes, which are high to give good ground clearance when leaning, and are also in the style of a Yamaha TZ. The lower part of the fairings are easily removed for temperature control and the seat unit is one of AN-BUs reproduction TZ parts.

The instruments include a large and unusually side mounted rev gauge, which is flanked by an oil temperature gauge on the left with a digital speedo below that, the neutral and oil pressure lamps are on the right.

The engine has been increased in power with raised compression ratio and a tuned carburetor. The mufflers are made in a combination of stainless steel and carbon fiber. AN-BU have used the stock gas tank and connecting hoses. To replicate the TZ look the rearsets are custom made.

The wheels are larger Yamaha three spoke ones, which allow wider tires to be used and the swing arm had to be widened to accommodate them. The front forks are from a TZ and the rear shocks are from Nitron.

The bike is nicely finished in red with stickers and logos to make it look the part.

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Alan Goodsell , 03 March 15