Carpy's Tenacious Ton Machine 13 March 15

This bike is called the Tenacious Ton Machine and is Carpy's favorite ride that he has created so far. He says, "it took many moons to come to an agreement in my own mind as to how I wanted the bike to look and boy was it a mean looking machine. I pretty much got it how I wanted".

The engine is a blown out 840cc with a Kenny Harmon camshaft to sort the inline four out, and the transmission has new Barnett clutch with HD springs. The rebuilt carbs have hand-made velocity stacks to make this is a unique set up and stainless gauze makes sure no crap gets in. For the exhaust Carpy didn’t like the X pipe as it was too choked up, so decided to go ahead and design his own 4 into 2 Dunstall style megaphones, and they came out well. The engine also features an original Race masters finned cover.

The bike has a rare “Arces” front end, pre Cerrianni, and it is a very cool set up. There are double discs up the front too, drilled and of course the Calipers polished and the stainless pistons are machined for the inside. Original Akront wheels are fitted with TT100 original tires. The swing arm is an amalgamation of Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki, to keep this Vintage ride looking the part and holding the corners and he used the good old piggy back CB1100F rear shocks to keep the flow at the rear end of this machine.

A one-off hand-made alloy gas tank was made, which can hold a full 5 gallons. The seat was made from 6061 T6 aluminum sheet and English wheeled to shape, it sits proud on the frame. Carpy used old WW2 olive drab hessian kit bag material for the seat pad to keep with the look of yesteryear. The bike even has a UK style tax disc to complete the old days look and feel.

A vintage De-soto truck light was smoothed, welded and fitted to the front of the bike and a teardrop rear light that he frenched inside the Alloy seat, gives her a bit more character. Carpy also used a fully welded alloy oil tank from an original drag bike and it sits nicely in the frame.

Marzochhi Clip-on’s from back in the day were sent from the UK and he made sure they fitted and functioned without issues with the cables. A polished and rebuilt master cylinder, with aircraft hoses, makes sure the bike has stopping power when it really needs it. For clearance, he moved the rear master cylinder to the outside of the frame. To finish off the front end Carpy hand-made a speedo bracket and an old style 2.5 Speedometer fitted was fitted into it.

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Alan Goodsell , 13 March 15