Maria Riding Company's The Italian Sniper 10 March 15

The Maria Riding Company is based in Lisbon Portugal and have been building custom bikes since 2012. Modern looking bikes like the Ducati SS750 aren´t what they usually deal with, so starting this project wasn't easy. However, besides enjoying a challenge, the idea of stripping this down into a yet smaller and aggressive bike, giving it a personality (the main goal for all Maria's builds) through a simple look of a classic street racer made them go for it.

The rear frame was modified and shortened. Despite the single seat, it´s possible to accommodate a passenger when the rear fiber glass monocoque is removed.

The engine came from a SS900. This engine gave the Sniper project more power and soul, while maintaining the smaller looks. It was all painted and restored like new. The transmission protections was taken off and the clutch cover was cut in half, allowing you to take a peek at the inside.

The wiring was completely built from scratch and hidden from sight in a box under the tank. The tank was made out of the original one. It was shortened and the overall lines were all changed and simplified to match the frame design. The suspension was all refurbished and painted.

All the engine covers, foot pegs and suspension trees were polished; searching for it´s old school soul.

Firetrap exhausts were used for the agressive-shortened look, all-terrain tires are from Avon, and Brooks leather tape for the grips finished it off.

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Alan Goodsell , 10 March 15