OEM Bulldog 28 March 15

Old Empire Motorcycles (OEM), based in Norfolk UK, founding was born through an absolute and enduring passion for everything two wheeled and The House Of Assembly (HOA) is where they pay daily homage to the gods of speed and fuel. Its the place where they meet, greet, drill, weld, cut, grind, turn, mill, hammer, roll and notch to their hearts content to create and display their bespoke motorcycles.

Unlike most custom bike builders in the UK they do not stick to styling ‘rules’ but focus on creating the very best they possibly can with what they are given.

This project is based on a Yamaha Virago 535cc v-twin and OEM have mixed retro sports bike with custom cruiser and introduce a touch of bobber, and the Bulldog is what you get.

A stocky set of USD forks create an aggressive stance while a highly modified vintage sports bike tank endows the airbox backbone which itself clamps onto the punchy 535cc aircooled, shaft drive v-twin.

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Alan Goodsell , 28 March 15