Sbrannetti's Miscela Ribelle 17 March 15

Sbrannetti is an Italian custom bike company and was born from the dream workshops of five friends with a shared passion for motorcycles.

The starting bike for this Miscela Ribelle project was a 1999 Kawasaki W650. They changed the looks by replacing the old tank and seat with new ones – leather for the seat and the tank belt of course. They chose to use aluminum fenders and moved the electrical wiring to a new position underneath the seat. The battery was enclosed inside a marine grade plywood box, wrapped in leather belts. All the worn out parts were sandblasted to give them a fresh look. They went for clip-on handlebars with new controls, and moved the footrests back by using new rearsets. The original exhaust system was replaced with one that is type-approved for road traffic use and they rebuilt the electrical wiring. Fresh forks and dampers were installed and wheel rims repainted. A carburation kit was installed to optimize engine performance, and the lighting system was also improved.

Main changes

  • Aesthetic intervention consisting of new tank, new saddle leather, aluminum fenders and leather tank strap
  • Relocating the electrical system into a compartment located under the saddle
  • Construction of a marine plywood box with battery tray and straps
  • Sandblasting parts worn parts to give them a fresh look
  • New handlebar controls
  • New rearset footrests
  • Complete exhaust system type-approved for road use
  • Electrical system rebuilt
  • New Instrumentation
  • The fork and shock absorber kits installed
  • Fuel Kit to optimize performance
  • New lighting system

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Alan Goodsell , 17 March 15