BMW NineT Bodywork by Valtoron 04 April 15

Valtoron of Madrid Spain was formed in1985 by the Delgado Bros, Pablo & Carlos Delgado. They have a unique way of working and their process makes them very different in the custom bike world.

What they do is create their bikes as if they were sculptures. They make the bike's body parts with their own hands from modeling clay to sculpt the components they want, just like in the car prototype world. Then they use the clay models to create a plaster molds for sand casting the final parts in aluminum. When the metal cools the parts are removed from the mold, the parts are cut, trimmed, sanded and finished. Finally they are fitted to the donor bike to give it the distinctive Valtoron look.

The guys from Valtoron say "Their workshop is where make real our passion, where we create our bikes as if they were pieces of art.".

BMW gave Valtoron one of their Nine T bike for them to model in clay and create one of their masterpieces. After considerable time and creative sculpting the finished aluminum parts were fitted to the bike and finished result is really unique.

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Alan Goodsell , 04 April 15