Motobene MB1/03 09 April 15

Motobene is a one-man custom bike building business based in Switzerland. It is owned and operated by Andreas Fraefel who has a long time interest in motorcycles since he was 14 years old. He was taken 'under the wing' by prestigious two-wheeled enthusiasts who trained him as a mechanic who specializes in Ducatis. He not only services and repairs customer's bikes but he builds them too. Not surprisingly most of his builds are based on Ducatis and the one featured here is his creation based on a Ducati Monster 1000.

You can see his attention to detail and the aluminum finish on this Cafe Racer is perfect for the style of the bike.


  • Full Cafe racer conversion
  • Single-sided swing arm
  • Kineo spoke rims
  • Tank and rear combination bodywork
  • Open clutch cover
  • Rizoma stub handlebar
  • Rizoma fork bridge
  • LSL Steering damper covered with leather
  • Exhaust QD ex box with Pelipan machined to
  • Gecleanter framework
  • Motogadget speedometer integrated into the tank
  • Timing belt cover, Rizoma with sight glass
  • K & N crankcase vent valve
  • Headlight British style
  • Fork covers
  • Various leather working (handles, oil pipes, saddle, cable ties, etc.)
  • Various parts black and gold anodised/powder-coated
  • REXXER mapping etc.

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Alan Goodsell , 09 April 15