Skrunkwerks BSA custom B33 01 April 15

Skrunkwerks a less than subtle rip-off of skunk works - the official alias of the Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Projects team. The derivations skrunk and skrunk works were coined by Colin Will who owned, restored, skrunked and sometimes raced an endless series of desirable motorcycles.

At Skrunkwerks, in Melbourne Australia, they love designing and building stuff. Mostly stuff that’s classic, has two wheels and goes fast. They love the process of experimenting, developing and making the image in their head reality. Form should follow function without clutter but simplicity is not easy.

This bike was a long term project between Colin Will and his friend Ian Anderson. Colin then bought Ian’s half of the bike and gave both halves to his wife Ingrid as a wedding present! A few weeks later, Colin was diagnosed with cancer. He died only 6 months after.

The bike is obviously far from a stock B33 but as you can see it a beautiful and unique bike.


  • The alloy body work was done by Melbourne maestro Bernie Wilson.
  • WM20 girder forks.
  • Smiths Chronometric speedo & tacho.
  • Gold Star cam and piston.
  • 19″ Akront rims.
  • Custom leather seat and grips.
  • Custom front brake ventilator by Bernie.
  • Fishtail pipe.
  • Amal TT carb.

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Alan Goodsell , 01 April 15