BMW K100 "The Hornet" 15 May 15

Amateur builder Paul Hutchinson, from Melbourne, Australia saw a K100 custom bike project on BikeExif that inspired him. After seeing this he embarked on his first build that was to become the "The Hornet", this was the name of the metal flake orange color he chose for the bike.

He found the 1984 K100 donor bike in Adelaide as an unregistered trade-in advertised on gumtree. With his Dad he did a quick 1540km round trip to get the bike. When back in his shop, all unwanted parts were stripped off and sold on Ebay, others were modified and after a lot of time and creative custom work the bike was finished.

The plan was to take it on a long test ride, where it performed well, but on day three of riding the great roads of Tasmania, his mate Kev lost the front end under brakes. The resulting low side caused too much damage to continue. The tank, engine casing, foot pegs, gear shift, left bar and switch block were all damaged beyond repair.

Paul says "I considered repairing the bike back to pre-crash condition, but it seemed a waste of money and effort to do all the work and end with the same bike. Having learned so much in the first build, I thought about what I could improve. The bike was a weapon in the corners, but I never had much faith in the tires (Kev, even less so now!). To run radial rubber, wider wheels are needed. A K1100 wheel bolts easily onto the rear. I know it is possible to bolt on a K1100 front end, which gives 4 pot calipers. I thought, but why take the front end 5 years into the future, why not 20 years? Old bikes with USD forks also look the biz!! "

After 2 months rebuild time and a lot of blood sweat and tears the bike was ready to ride again.

For more build info check out Paul's blog, Click here


Alan Goodsell , 15 May 15