Kott Motorcycles Naked speed 750 02 May 15

Dustin Kott says "It is not often that I am afforded the opportunity to build a motorcycle for myself. As much as I promote and endorse my clients participation in the conception of their own machine, it is refreshing to execute on ideas that can lay dormant in your minds eye. Ideas can flourish in an environment that is not constrained with monetary parameters, which I feel was exactly the state of affairs that were present during the infantile stages of this project".

Starting with the dedication to the elimination of any type of mid frame oil tank that the dry sump 750 engine requires was first on the list. The aluminum seat cowl was constructed to not only support riding position but to allow a sufficient volume for an oil supply. The leather upholstery was then stitched to a removable steel pan that allowed for access to the fuel tank rear mount. Neatly arranged underneath the custom fitted GS 750 fuel tank is where all of the required electronics found there final positioning. The battery, regulator/rectifier unit, starter switch and terminal connector block were all able to fit beneath the cavernous tunnel of this eclectic tank fitment.

One of the biggest challenges was the fitment of a Triumph T-120R conical drum brake hub into a stock Honda front end, that also featured their new exposed front spring design. With the machining of stainless split-lock wheel spacers the concept soon became a reality and added a rich and unique aesthetic dynamic to the front end assembly. The selection of shouldered aluminum wheels and stainless spokes along with Avon tires continued to pay homage to English styling and influence.

With final finish options including a timeless classic silver paint with hand pinstriped maroon accents along with matching oxblood leather this bike became an immediate hit with shop patrons. After being featured on Velocity channels Naked Speed premier, it quickly transferred hands to a client who now owns several Kott custom Builds!

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Alan Goodsell , 02 May 15