Maria Riding's El Carmen 23 May 15

This project was based on one of the most common motorcycles out there, the Triumph Bonneville. It ́s a bike from 2005 and it ́s one of several Bonnies that they have produced until today. Their goal with this one was very different from the usual projects based on Bonnies. They wanted to see how far they can go if they could use all the best equipment out there.

They started with a list of major goals. They wanted to make it powerful, light as possible, with better handling, better brakes and the best suspension, and that ́s what they did. They searched for the best equipment available in the market and fitted it!

There were several obstacles on this build. It was not easy to fit the front wheel using the Ohllins kit and Brembo brakes, since the offset was completely wrong. Another issue was the battery box, as they wanted to hide it as much as possible. Their solution was to use two small lithium batterys under the seat, and was not easy task to fit all the electrics in there.

Here is a list of all the major equipment changes on this bike
New carbon handlebar, brake and clutch levers from Brembo
Front suspension
Triple trees
Front brake disc
Front brake
Front headlight
Rizoma oil reservoirs
Tank cover
Lithium batteries
Rear fender
Zard exhaust system
Kineo wheels

Despite the final result it ́s a Bonnie with a modern look. Maria Riding's inspiration on the design was a simple and elegant classic approach. This mix made this bike something very unique and chic, and of course a very exclusive piece.

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Alan Goodsell , 23 May 15