Nomade Cycles Tiger 855 11 May 15

Normade Cycles are based in Soto del Real, Madrid, Spain, and a look at their website shows an impressive stable of custom bikes they have made. The Tiger is their latest work and it is based on a sturdy Triumph Tiger 885 with an unburstable triple engine that was used in a number of Triumph models.

The guys from Nomade comment on their requirements for their Tiger build and also on their philosophy for the bike: "Able to run for endless amount of kilometers at once without breaking down. Able to be used on the busiest streets flowing in between taxis and buses. Able to pass the heaviest offroad tests have ever put one of our creations under. Its base, a trail bike, has been a determining factor for its behavior as well as a great base of inspiration to its final shape. While building the bike we wanted to highlight its already latent energy as an off road monster and keep it functional. Getting rid of all the extra plastics we realized what an aggressive machine lay underneath, we loved its looks so decided to add only the fewest things needed. According to our philosophy “never influencing the functionality of the machine by its looks” was never so easy to follow. The bike handles like a monster while remaining loyal to its rider."

Brand: Triumph
Model: Tiger 885
Engine: Triple
Capacity: 885cc
Carburators: Keihin
Air filter: High power filter
Exhausts: Moto GP Steel Inox
Frame: Original
Subframe: Custom made shorter and thinner
Front suspension: Original
Headlight: MSC 6” Halogen Optics
Handlebars: Renthal
Controls: Original
Handlebar grips: Biltwell
Fuel tank: Yamaha SX400 1977
Footrests: Original
Front rim: Original 19”
Front brakes: Nissin original 2 disk
Front tire: 110/80-19 Metzeler Karoo 3
Rear rim: Excel 17"
Back brakes: Nissin original 1 disk
Rear tire: 140/80-17 Metzeler Karoo 3
Custom Paint: Dave Designs
Leather seat: Handmade by Nomade Cycles (2 types of leather with sewn patterns)
Other details: Polished fenders, license carrier, light holders

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Alan Goodsell , 11 May 15