The Vibrazioni Scrambler, The SC-Rumble 30 May 15

One of the unique bikes we saw at the Bike Shed event in Tobacco Dock London is a collaboration between Ducati and Pirelli. This Special is an example of a successful synergy, which has involved the new Ducati Scrambler. All versions of the new Bologna twin are equipped with Pirelli MT RS 60 tires, which were developed specifically for the Scrambler. Thanks to this relationship the two companies have agreed to collaborate on an artistic level, by commissioning Vibrazioni Art Design to build a special Scrambler-based on the new Ducati.

Thus was born the "SC-Rumble", which uses reclaimed road signs for its bodywork, which were hammered and shaped by hand while keeping the original coloring.To increase their brightness is they were finished with a coat of clear varnish satin polyurethane.

The high exhaust is based on an aftermarket Termignoni, but with a homemade silencer. The bike has a new rear shock absorber, an elongated wheelbase, and the Ducati Streetfighter handlebars to make the bike more responsive, and with an improved riding position. The SC-Rumble maintains the Pirelli MT 60 RS OEM tires fitted to solid black wheels and rims. An additional feature for Pirelli and Ducati are the solid rubber tank inserts with the MT 60 RS tread pattern etched into them along with the Ducati Scrambler emblems.

SC-Rumble by Vibrazioni Art Design was presented at the Bike Shed in London, an event dedicated to specialized bikes. After this British event, the special will depart for a trip to Biarritz, where it will participate in the event "Wheels and Waves", held from 11 to 14 June.

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Alan Goodsell , 30 May 15