'One' by GP Design 'Only for You' 23 June 15

GP Design Workshops in Torino, Italy is run by two brothers, Luca and Fabio Pozzato, who grew up around their family dealership where they learned their skills in working aluminum, welding tanks, sewing fine saddles and creating unique bikes.

As GP Design Workshops, they approach their builds in two different ways. They have their 'Ready for You' bikes that they build to completion for you, and then they have their 'Only for You' bikes that they can build for you or supply you with a kit of all the parts for you to build it yourself.

This 'Only for You' concept, pre-production bike is based on the MV Augusta Brutale 800 and is the first bike that integrates an Apple iPad Mini for its instrument system. Even though the iPad is advanced technology the screen shows as an analogue display as a nod to the "mythical needle motion". The iPad's software was developed ad-hoc and it also includes a built-in navigation system. It will be possible to download from the web, a new style or customized dashboard controls, insert features such as tachometer and summer water temperature and integrate alarms and warning signs. Gone also are the mirrors and they are replaced with iPods using their front facing cameras.

Handmade details and finishes

  • Aluminum monocoque tail seat as in the history of motorcycle racing, with a metal coating-chromium finish and two overlapping led tail lights
  • Aluminum Tank, finished by a Ergal plate powder coated with an aluminum plate set (ONE logo and copy number of production)
  • Painting of the front of the tank using a technique developed by GP to glimpse the underlying aluminum satin finish.
  • Headlight with 12 led technology housed in a billet shell by Ergal
  • Inverted forks with legs from rear shock and made exclusively by Matris
  • Rizoma components including perches, plate holder, adjustable levers
  • Ultralight exhaust made entirely in titanium and carbon with muffler provided by HPCorse
  • Seat with high density memory foam to improve comfort, leather finished Foglizzo, everything handmade
  • Completely black spoked rims, and black front radial brake calipers

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Alan Goodsell , 23 June 15