Sur Les Chapeaux De Roues - Gold Wing 24 July 15

Sur Les Chapeaux De Roues directly translates to "On the hats of wheels" and I am not sure I know if that is a good translation or not, but it sounds interesting. This bike building company from Brittany, France was started by Manu and Yann. Manu trained as a mechanic specializing on Hondas and Yann specializes in painting. Together they decided to start their own workshop with builds based around the themes of the Café Racer and the Street Tracker.

They ask, "Do you recognize this Goldwing?" and this newest build from them is in the theme of a Bobber, which is a first for them.

The frame was completely revised on its top and back to accept a tank with an integrated speedo.

The flat 4 cylinder engine, was stripped and refurbished, then painted with a red tint to affirm its imposing character.

The forks are original, they made shrouds for them to make them look more impressive and the bike now has 16" wheels.

The rest of the body parts were formed by hand in aluminium and the stainless steel exhaust was hand-built and gives the bike a good sound.

The tank painting confirms the bold originality of this bike.

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Alan Goodsell , 24 July 15