Mule Bonneville, So Britt 05 August 15

Richard Pollock is the sole owner of Mule Motorcycles. He is a one-man operation. Going back to 1969, his interest in motorcycles became serious and he purchased his first real bike, a CL72 (250 Honda Scrambler). Two years later, he bought a used CZ and began racing motocross. He was unable to leave any bike alone and began cutting and carving them up almost immediately upon their arrival in his garage.

As success and demand were growing fast in the USA and also in Europe, Richard Pollock decided to create a Partnership with Stéphane Bergeot, like him passionate about motorcycles and high quality custom parts. There is now another Mule workshop in Nantes, France to satisfy European customer demands.

The first build in Europe was based on a 2010 Triumph Bonneville SE with 7400km on the clock, and it lives up to the expectations of the Mule bikes produced in the USA. The build uses a lot of Mule's own parts and is called So Britt.


  • Mule Oilcooler kit
  • Mule Seat kit
  • Mule specific rear loop to go back stock configuration (biplace)
  • Mule Handlebars
  • Mule Wheels with Alu hubs, Sun rims, stainless spokes and nipples
  • Goldentyres Flattrack 19’’ tyres
  • Front brake disk (320mm)
  • Beringer 4 pistons front caliper
  • Mule 2 in 1 stainless steel exhaust system
  • USD forks from YZF R6 with A&A specific triple clamps made for Mule
  • HD Sportster headlight assembly
  • Mule bracket for Acewell speedometer
  • Canyon racers turn light signals (front and rear)
  • Joker Machine key ignition
  • Rear Mirror Best for Britts
  • Biltwell grips
  • Monza tank cap
  • Regulator Under the seat
  • Harness loom modified
  • Complete paint job

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Alan Goodsell , 05 August 15