Old Empire's Osprey 05 September 15

Old Empire Motorcycles in the UK specialise in the design and creation of handmade custom motorcycles, parts & attire. Their founding is based upon the desire to push styling boundaries whilst refining the concept to build process behind creating completely unique custom motorcycles, clothing and components.

The ODFU x OEM Osprey is a collaborative effort with between Old Empire Motorcycles and ODFU Clothing to build a motorcycle that embodies all that’s best about both of their brands.

The Osprey’s foundations utilises another one of the unloved lower capacity commuter bikes of the 80’s, the 1980 Suzuki GN400. Careful trimming of all the non essentials and the compacting and minimalising of all aspects of the bike give the Osprey a suitably more refined look. Integrating custom leather work and finishing the whole package with ODFU’s hand drawn designs really puts the finishing touch to what is a simple yet stunning little motorcycle.

The subframe is heavily modified and they have a custom tail fabricated with an integrated tail light. Under the custom tail is a Shorai Lithium battery with all the wiring neatly hidden.

The leather seat and rolled tool bags In the empty space under the seat are hand colored and stitched leather. The fuel tank has been modified so that it sits further forward and lower. The tank is painted matt black and features a hand drawn design of ODFU Clothing.

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Alan Goodsell , 05 September 15