White Collar Bike – ‘Bhaskara’ 23 September 15

Ram Ram Januar from Bandung, Indonesia, built this bike in his spare time, and although not a professional builder his ‘Bhaskara’ Triumph Twin Cafê Racer would rival the work of any Pro'.

It would appear that the only part that this bike shares with other Triumphs is the engine. Ram Ram has fabricated almost every other part himself. He bought a 2012 Thruxton off Ebay and set about his project. First he created his own frame and subframe out of aluminum, with the help of friends who owed him favors. The single-sided swing arm was fashioned by Ram Ram and uses a Ducati 1098 eccentric hub.

The Mufflers and velocity stacks were fabricated by Ram Ram as were the custom sprocket cover, billet headlight, clip-ons and foot pegs. He did a great job of hiding the clutch and throttle cables and the levers are from Italy.

For the parts Ram Ram didn't make he sourced quality items and made them look his own. For example the forks are Ohlins FGs with Brembo brakes but are fitted into his custom made trees and refinished to his own style. The rear shock is also Ohlins and given the Ram Ram treatment. The wheels are from a Diavel, which match the bare aluminum look of the Bhaskara well.

Ram ram designed the bike with a seat and tank unit which features interchangeable covers, so when he tired of one look he can dress the bike up in another style. The carbon/kevlar tank can be red, blue or black and the tail unit has three different and beautifully crafted wood options, one of which has a Triumph logo, which give the ability to attire the bike in many looks.

The bike got its name from Ram Ram's friend Bhaskara who walked into Ram Ram's garage and saw the bike, fell in love with it and bought it from Ram Ram on the spot.


  • Engine: Triumph Truxton 2012
  • Front forks: Ohlins FG series
  • Triple trees: Billet aluminium T7 handmade by WCB
  • Headlight: Billet aluminium T7 handmade by WCB
  • Clip-ons: Aluminum T7 handmade by WCB
  • Hand grips: Aluminium T7 handmade by WCB
  • Inner throttle cable & inner clutch cable: Aftermarket product
  • Foot pegs: Aluminum T7 handmade by WCB
  • Swingarm: Billet aluminium T7 & 8mm aluminium pipes handmade WCB
  • with eccentric hub from Ducati 1098
  • Sprocket cover: Billet aluminum T7 handmade by WCB
  • Frame: Billet 50mm aluminum T7 handmade by WCB
  • Subframe: 8mm steel plate
  • Rims: Ducati Diavel Pirelli Diablo Rosso II
  • Front brake: Brembo monobloc
  • Rear brake: Brembo caliper
  • Lever & masters: Brembo RCS 19
  • Rear shock: Ohlins
  • Velocity stacks: Handmade by WCB
  • Exhausts: Handmade by WCB

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Alan Goodsell , 23 September 15