UCCs BMW R100RT for Jenny 18 November 15

Unique Custom Cycles built this bike for Jenny Jurnelius who works together with them shooting all their bikes and taking care of their website. She had been without a bike a few years but got a renewed interest last year when UCC was visiting Glemseck101 for the first time, in connection with the Stockholm Syndrome NineT and BMW's show race there.

Her previous bike was a Sportster 1200 which she competed in Harley Drag races with. So her wish for a bike was a small light café racer with power. Unique's goal was not only for her to have a new bike, but also to go back to Glemseck101 and race.

UCC wanted the bike to "sit right, but still look like a BMW". So they started by shortening a K100 fork combined with lowering the frame in front while giving the headstock 5-degree more rake in order to compensate for the rotation of the frame. The tailframe is an all-custom UCC piece in chrome moly.

The Tank was sectioned some 60mm in the back and narrowed a good 30mm in topview to match the frame and then crowned by a Tolle pop-up tank cap.

The exhaust is custom piece in stainless steel combined with Cone Eng. mufflers.

The UCC signature handlebars with inset Moto Gadget instruments and ISR controls, which actuate the Brembo 4-piston calipers gripping the custom ISR discs upfront.

The engine has high compression pistons and a new cam from Moore Speed, 40mm Dellortos and a silent hektik ignition.

The seat and foam is another UCC piece covered by Joel Wengström at Stich Sweden

Perfect paint by Håkan Lindberg.

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Alan Goodsell , 18 November 15