Mr. Martini BRD 900 03 January 16

This BRD (which stands for British Racing Dream) was born from an idea that came to Nicholas, aka Mr. Martini, while searching in an old drawer where he found an English sports car brochure in which he saw vehicles in the British Racing Green livery.

He resurrected the 1990's three-cylinder British classic, updating it to modern standards and giving it the most noble of racing liveries. His aim was to create a bike that embraced a classic style and a racing heritage, but also included the ability to take a passenger while still being sporty and good handling.

The bike was completely dismantled and the frame was shortened. The smaller than original tank was from an unknown bike and fitting it require relocating a lot of the electrical system, mostly hidden under the left side cover. The ribbed seat was handmade and gives passengers a comfort level usual on a special project bike like this.

The front end was borrowed from Yamaha R1 in its entirety, including everything from the wheel to the handlebars. The free flowing airbox was hand made by Mr. Martini and the exhaust is a made to measure Zard system. The details to finish the bike include a Monza gas cap, modern instruments, bar end mirror and the wheels shod with Metzeler M5 tires.

The finish of the bike is in the attractive British Racing Green that is partly responsible for the bike's name and it stands out nicely next to the black frame and beige wheels, to add a contrasting detail Mr. Martini added red spark plug cables

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Alan Goodsell , 03 January 16