Yamaha SR500 "Sunshine State of Mind" 15 March 16

The Powder Monkees have joined forces with their brothers from the north, Federal Moto, to head up a new affiliated shop based in the US.

When one of Federal's own made the move South to Florida, the opportunity arose to collaborate on a custom beach tracker – which obviously got them very excited. Federal's search started with a finding build collaborator – Chicago's Powder Monkees wasn't too far away, and they had been kicking tires about a build for a while now. Powder Monkees was the perfect fit for this: fast, efficient, a deep respect for motorcycles and the detailed work that goes into customizing them. A partnership was formed and they got right down to business searching for a single cylinder donor.

They really wanted to create something small, simple and fun with this bike, a 1978 Yamaha SR500. With a fresh, light color palette, minimalist parts choices, and some wild tires, this thing is the perfect combination of downtown daily rider and weekend beach cruiser. A sunshine state of mind.

Photographed by Daniel Peter / Build Collaborator Federal Moto

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Alan Goodsell , 15 March 16