Renegade Customs' Speed Triple 14 April 16

Renegade Customs in Switzerland wanted to create a modern bike with retro styling. They chose the iconic Speed Triple and found a 2011 example for their project.

The first thing they did was to change the twin headlights for a single one to fit in with their classic theme, the stock mirrors were replaced with bar end ones and the instrument cluster replaced with a unit from an older model.

This model Speed Triple had some questionable looking radiator covers fitted by the Triumph factory in an effort to make it look more modern, and these were removed to expose more of the engine, the turn signals that attach to them were replaced with small LED units. Renegade used some LSL parts to dress up the bike including the open frame sprocket cover which replaces the stock plastic part.

A fender eliminator kit was used at the back to tidy up it's rear end and the front fender was also removed for a clean look. The exhaust mods include wrapping and tidying up the headers and the mufflers replaced with SC Project units utilizing some custom bracketry.

The stock tank was cleaned, sanded and left in a bare metal finish. Renegade then fabricated some custom leatherwork straps made to fit their retro theme. This same leather was also used to cover some of the bikes other bodywork parts and seat to tie the design together.

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Alan Goodsell , 14 April 16