XTR Pepo Daytona 29 April 16

Pepo Rosell, born in France and soon to live in Spain, worked in the scientific research in fish farming. After finished this stage of his life he began to work in his other passion: Bikes! He worked for two Spanish Ducati importers and finally decided to start his own business. After 13 years of a hectic activity being the head of the constructor scene, he decided to stop and rethink his life. So in the beginning of 2015 he restarted with a new company called EXTREME PEPO (aka XTR PEPO). With a new vision... less business and more fun.

This build was a joint venture between XTR Pepo and Max Boxer and is based on the classic BMW R80. It has a lean and mean look to it that says race me and go faster!

Technical Details

  • Donor bike: BMW R80
  • Frame: Modified BMW R80 ST frame with reinforced tubes
  • Swing Arm: R850R “Guardia Civil “Monolever swing arm
  • Rear Wheel: R850R spoked rear wheel (17")
  • Front Wheel: Ducati Sport Classic spoked front wheel (17")
  • Triple Trees: Ducati Monster
  • Forks: Ducati Sport Classic
  • Handlebars: Tomaselli clip ons
  • Rotors: Ducati Monster 900
  • Calipers: Ducati Sport Classic Discacciati calipers kit
  • Levers: RAD, foldable and adjustable CNC machined levers
  • Front Fender Carbon Fiber XTR
  • Front Fairing: XTR front fairin
  • Gas Tank: Modified Moto Guzz
  • Seat: Modified Yamaha TZ solo seat
  • Footpegs: Modified Derbi GPR 50
  • Foot levers: Tarrozi foot lever
  • Exhaust System: SuperMario 2 in 1 exhaust and XTR PEPO Megaphone
  • Carburetors: Dell’Orto PHM 40
  • Air Intakes: XTR Potax aluminium


  • R100 MaxBOXER Powered Engine
  • Crankcase reduced to minimum and positioned higher in the frame for more ground clearance
  • Lightened, blueprinted, adjusted.
  • Head cylinders worked and gasflowed heads with bigger intakes, big valves
  • Head cylinder cover with rapid oil filling hole
  • Hi comp and light pistons
  • Racing light clutch
  • Oil pan intermediate crankcase, external oil filter
  • Ducati Paso oil radiator with external hoses
  • Revised and updated gearbox with racing adjustments
  • Electrics: Racing wire, LIPO battery, Silent Hetkit electronic front crankshaft ignition with 16 mappings, electronic regulator

Photos by PHOTOPCM

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Alan Goodsell , 29 April 16