RSD Scout 05 May 16

In the vision of RSD, they wanted to build a bike that drew a heavier inspiration from the past while also increasing the level of performance. This is that machine, in the raw and unfinished. It’s fitting for the bike, exposed wiring and mangled mass of cooling and radiators complete with Zip Ties to make its debut at Burning Man. Thor, who also commissioned the Track Chief picked the bike up from RSD in California and rode the bike to Black Rock City. It’s safe to say madness is an inherent part of many of their projects. After all, who wants to rip apart a completely perfect brand new motorcycle and reconstruct it from the ground up? They are one of a few that will do that with smiles on their faces.

They completely deconstructed the stock Scout and rebuilt a frame inspired by the original Scout in ChroMoly that is damn close to the Project 156. That means is it’s a very lightweight frame with much more aggressive geometry than the stock Scout frame, shorter and with less rake. They also utilized the same rear suspension package “Panigale” they used for Project 156.

The Scout is a pretty cool machine stock. It took a while to get used to the spaced aged aluminum frame that carries/hides/pronounces the radiator and the punk rock subframe castings. You can certainly see the Polaris/Victory roots in the frame, fenders and the gas tank shape as much as you can see Indian. So stylistically it’s certainly pointed towards the future with say a 15% nod to the Scout of the past.

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Alan Goodsell , 05 May 16