Royal Enfield 'Dirty Duck" 28 July 16

Royal Enfield with its expression of Pure Motorcycling and the rich custom culture and heritage joins this celebration of motorcycling, music, surfing and art festival at Wheels and Waves 2016. True to the spirit of the festival, Royal Enfield showcased its own interpretation of this passion and lifestyle with the first company-built custom motorcycles.

The Dirty Duck is their interpretation of the very same idea in a motorcycle form. The existing angular forms and rigid frame of the Continental GT worked perfectly for conveying this idea of utilitarian toughness. The addition of the hand fabricated snorkel completed the look and ability to go anywhere on land or in water giving it the name – Dirty Duck.

To be clear about the off-road capabilities of the motorcycle, Continental TKC80 tires - the biggest and blockiest they could find – replaced the stock tires on the original rims. They added an aluminum sump-guard to protect the motor and frame from any damage and increase the overall durability. The frame has been shortened at the rear to accommodate a luggage rack to carry the stuff you need to survive.

The custom, hand made seat has been wrapped in oiled leather which will only get more attractive as it ages. The fuel tank has been naturally rusted to tell a tale of its long life of surviving adventures and at the same time, make it obvious that one should not feel bad about dropping or hesitate from pushing the Dirty Duck to its absolute limits.

The snorkel is without a doubt the highlight of this motorcycle which has been hand crafted by the extraordinary craftsmen at Harris Performance. Additionally, the air box has been modified to allow the passage of the straight-through exhaust. And by straight-through, we mean no baffles of any kind resulting in a motorcycle that sounds several times more than its capacity.

At the front end, the headlamp and instrument cluster were redesigned to be more durable and purposeful. Hand crafted to house two stacked projector lamps, number plate and a small, digital meter to replace the bulkier stock units, the new design also adds a GoPro camera to record all the fun you will have on the motorcycle.

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Alan Goodsell , 28 July 16