Miller Time Scrambler XL1200CA 21 December 16

'Miller Time' is a salute to the original bike that came third in the European Champs back in 2011, which was followed by another build for a client in Paris in 2012 called the XLZT3.

Shaws latest build is 'Miller Time', which is part of the XLST3 trilogy, is another example of what can be done with a yes "no expense spared" attitude. The ability to showcase a bike that has had the ultimate makeover, but one where the bike still holds its true identity in its DNA, no modifications to the original geometry of the Sportster chassis, cosmetic detailing and frame work, relocation of components and general tidying up from the original.

The Bike is of course inspired and motivated from the passion of dirt, motocross and adventure, but by no means is a bike built to go out and hit the mud and dirt more to enjoy on the roads and to own. The Donor bike for the build was a Harley-Davidson XL1200CA, stripped right down to the frame, and then prepared with fabricated rear end with chopped fender rails and the loop to mirror the original bike to hold the rear fender and also the rear lights/ stop/turn signals, a Roland Sands super rare gas tank was used on the build to compliment the look and hold true the silhouette of the bike, this time a set of Ohlins in the front and rear were used and Michelin tyres were also used for the first time.

The team wanted to use the profile rims again with what they call "Rim Art" on them, both the XLST3 and XLZT3 went with this fashion to achieve a high end look for the project. Even with the wheels the Harley-Davidson rims are brought in chrome only, so have to be stripped, then the spoke nipple holes have to be enlarged and countersunk for the new alloy nipples, then painted and built, everything really on a Speed Shop project is basically and commonly "remade" to give their super clean and recognisable style.

The motorcycle was displayed at ECIMA 2016 in Milan on the Ohlins stand and gained much attention.


Base Model - H-D XL1200CA
Fabrication - In-house
Engine - 1200cc Evolution with Screamin' Eagle Stage 4 upgrades
Cylinders - Screamin' Eagle Stage 4
Heads - Screamin' Eagle Stage 4
Rocker Boxes - RSD
Cams - Screamin' Eagle Stage 4
Air Cleaner - RSD
Exhaust - Built in-house

Wheels, Tires & Brakes
Front - Harley-Davidson rim with custom paint
Tire/Size - Michelin Anakee Wild 120/70-19
Disc - RSD
Rear - Harley-Davidson rim with custom paint
Tire/Size - Michelin Anakee Wild 170/60-17
Disc - RSD

Frame - SS&C modified stock frame with rear loop
Swingarm - SS&C modified stock swingarm
Front forks - Ohlins
Rear shocks - Ohlins

Rear Fender - Built in-house
Gas Tank - RSD
Grips - PM
Hand Controls - PM
Foot Controls -RSD
Turn Signals - Colorado
Throttle - K-Tech internal throttle
Front & Rear master cylinders - RSD
Engine covers - RSD

Finish / Paint
Custom painted by Image Design Custom

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Alan Goodsell , 21 December 16