Honda CBX 1000 by Gietl Bikes 18 January 17

Christian Gietl sought the right bike to build a cafe racer and quite by accident ended up with a 1983 Honda CBX 1000, the mammoth six-cylinder Tokyo launched in the late 70s. A customer, who had replaced it with a newer Harley Davidson wanted to sell it.

Production of the CBX 1000 started in 1978 and it was produced for about a decade, the mighty Honda six cylinder was the rival of other maxi bikes at that time with the same engine configuration: the Benelli Sei (produced by the Pesaro manufacturer De Tomaso era, displacement 750 and 900 cc) and Kawasaki Z1300, which boasted a liquid-cooled engine.

The big Honda is powered by a battery of scenic Keihin VB 28 carbs and the huge straight six is a real mechanical sculpture, with its imposing size and its dense finning is a perfect engine to build a screaming cafe racer with great visual impact and...sound.

The frame was modified at the back, in order to accommodate the minimalist superstructure of the rear axle. Some of the components have been taken from other models, the front fork comes from a Kawasaki ZX-9R , while the swingarm comes from a Suzuki GSX-R 750. The wheels and the braking system originate from another Gixxer model, the 1100. The headlight on the other hand, is that of a Harley Davidson V-Rod. The original fittings were removed and Brembo fittings with Rizoma holders were installed, as well as push buttons in the base for a clean look. Motogadget turn signals were used and the ignition lock was installed in the left engine mount. The was padded and sewed it in leather with blue thread.

Then the bike was completely disassembled (except for the engine), powder coated and varnished, the paint scheme is based on the red, white and blue of the old Honda racing machines.

Photos by Guru Photography

Type: Honda CBX 1000
Year: 1983
Engine: CBX 1000
Ignition: Dynatec
Air cleaner: K & N
Exhaust: MCJ sound adjustable
Frame: Custom made Rear frame
Fork: Kawasaki Zx9R with CNC Triple Trees
Swing arm: GSX-R 750
Suspension: Wilbers adjustable
Wheels: GSX-R 1100
Brakes: GSX-R 1100
Headlamp: V-Rod with hand-made windshield

Alan Goodsell , 18 January 17