Aerostich Triple Digit Covers Tested 02 February 15

In the summer it is too hot to wear full blown waterproof gloves all the time and for me my summer gloves are a must. There are times, however, when  it will rain while out on a ride, and these triple digit covers from Aerostich are useful to have in the jacket pocket just in case.

The three fingers of the glove/cover tie together two fingers in two of the fingers and the thumb in the other. It is only when braking that you have to remember which fingers can be used on the lever. It feels a little odd to start but doesn't take long to get used to it. I think the theory is that the fewer seams there are the less chance there is for them to leak.

The glove/covers are of the gauntlet type and the arms slip easily over the sleeve of a jacket. There is a drawstring and toggle that allows them to be tightened on the arm to cut down on possible leaks. The glove part of the cover is sized well to fit over your riding gloves, see the chart below. The cinching strap on the back of the cover, on the ones I have, could be a little longer, I found it kept dropping out of its hoop when pulling the gloves on and is difficult to get back in with gloves on.

I use them over my vented summer gloves and as they are made of a thin ripstop nylon material they fit easily in a jacket pocket when folded up, which also makes it easy to put them on when needed as they are close to hand. The little wiper blade, or squeegee on the thumb of the left hand cover is surprisingly useful for clearing water of your helmet's visor. There are Scotchlite reflective panels for nighttime hand signaling, and the glove/covers come in black or bright orange, I chose black to fit in with my other gear.

I like these glove/covers and they have kept my hands dry and warm on many occasions, even though I do not have the orange ones mine are called the lobster gloves.

For glove sizes S or 7-8, use a size M
For glove sizes M/L or 9-10, use a size L
For size XL or 11+, use size XL
Orange or Black. M–XL

Price: $47

For more info: Click here



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