D-air® Street Dainese airbag 05 February 15

The D-air® Street is the Dainese airbag designed for use on the road. D-air® Street works without any physical connection to the motorcycle and comprises two systems - one that’s installed on the bike, called M-kit, and one that’s fitted in the jacket, called J-kit. This architecture enables rapid crash response times and effective protection throughout the dynamics of a road accident.

The M-Kit Consists of:

  • 2 - A central signal processing and system management and monitoring unit with user interface display.
  • 3 - A pair of three-axis accelerometers mounted on the front fork (one on each leg).
  • 4 - A skid sensor mounted under the seat.
  • The sensor unit, which is implemented in a double redundant configuration in accordance with critical safety standards, sends the measurement signals to the electronic unit which features:
  • A CPU with the triggering algorithm software, the brain of the system.
  • An external FLASH memory and external FRAM memory.

The J-Kit Consists of:

  • Pneumatic system comprising two high-pressure airbags with a total volume of 12 litres and two cold-technology gas generators.
  • Electronic system for dialogue with central unit and inflation.
  • SIM card slot for system recognition.
  • Batteries.
  • On/Off switch and fault alert vibration motor.

How Effectively D-Air® Street Protects
Tests carried out in accordance with the current European Standards for back protectors (EN 1621-2) show that D-air® Street reduces the impact forces transferred by compared with traditional level 2 back protectors.

What D-Air® Street Protects
D-air® Street works in synergy with a Dainese back protector to shield the following areas of the rider’s body:
The system brings riders and pillions the extra back protection of an airbag that’s certified to the current EN 1621-2 standard.
Collar Bones
D-air® Street limits inclination of the head in relation to the neck and reduces helmet movement during rolling.
D-air® Street extends around the front of the rider's body to protect up to the chest.

When D-Air® Street Protects
D-air® Street protects riders and pillions on the road, recognising and activating in the event of:

Crashes Into Fixed Or Moving Objects
In the most violent crashes, D-air® Street has a Total Deployment Time of 45 milliseconds.

Crashes Due To Loss Of Traction
In the event of a skid, the sophisticated triggering algorithm can decide upon a longer triggering time.

Thanks to its intelligent triggering algorithm, D-air® Street can assess the violence of a crash and only trigger when actually necessary in the scenarios considered. It won’t, for example, trigger for impacts at speeds of less than less than 7 kph.

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