GloveTacts Capacitive Stickers 18 December 15

Most smart devices have capacitive screen technology, which uses the human body conductivity to detect minute current changes, which are then registered by the device as inputs. GloveTacts are made of materials that mimic our own body’s conductivity, so the effect of using GloveTacs to control the device is no different than using our own skin.

GloveTacts are made with an adhesive backed conductive material that makes your gloves touch sensitive. Powered by AX Suede Connect, GloveTacts boasts conductive properties more powerful than the human hand and utilizes clever technology for ultra-thin, precise touch-screen sensitivity.

They will work with any device that has a capacitive screen or surface. The materials to which the GloveTacts will attach to are; cotton, wool, leather, man-made leather, synthetics, lycra and most man made fibers. Silicone surfaces do not allow the adhesive adhesion, but if there are other materials surrounding the silicone GloveTacts will attach. The operating temperature range of GloveTacts is from -40F/C to 160F/70C and they will work wet. Humidity or wetness don’t affect their conductivity but a dry screen will provide more consistency.

Made in the USA

Price: $9.99

For more info: Click here



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