Moto-Skiveez 04 March 16

A long period in a saddle will take its toll on your nether region comfort. The area of contact between a rider and the saddle is a critical factor. If a problem presents itself in the area of contact (saddle sores or a rash), resolving that issue is difficult; prevention is the key and that is where Moto-Skiveez come in.

Sport Skiveez
These are designed for the rider with a forward leaning position. This riding position places most of the weight bearing on the inner thighs/upper groin region of the rider and less in the actual seating are. This design functions best for the modern sport bike rider and is optimized to improve comfort from contact with the inner thighs on the tank.

Price: $59.95

Adventure Skiveez
These are developed for a riding position where the knee drops over the seat and below the hip joint. This riding position places additional weight bearing and pressure in the area of the inner thighs/upper groin. The Adventure style is optimized to reduce chafing in this area. Recommended motorcycles for this style are both modern dual sport and classic motorcycle as well as many modern sport touring motorcycles. This design functions best for any riding style where you may experience discomfort in the inner thigh region as well as the main seating area.

Price: $59.95

Cruiser Skiveez
These are a universal design intended for long days in the saddle where the majority of discomfort is from the seating area beneath the pelvis. The primary riding position for this style, is any rider where the knee is positioned horizontal to the hip joint. This places most of the weight and pressure directly beneath the “sitz bones.” This design works well with all motorcycle positions as well being a great option for passenger riders.

Price: $59.95

Lady Skiveez
The Lady Skiveez employs the latest in bicycle pad technology. Developed in Italy, this new technology creates a multi density pad using only a single layer of proprietary foam. The pad is attached to a breathable, lightweight undergarment specifically designed for the female anatomy. This garment is comprised of two different fabrics. The first fabric is chose to provide moisture wicking. The second is a mesh fabric selected for its breath-ability. The use of different fabrics creates a base garment that is optimized for moisture management and breath-ability.

Price: $64.95

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