Capacitive Touch Fluid - Tested 29 June 16

Like many people I now use my touchscreen phone on my bike as a GPS, phone, comms portal and many other applications. The problem with this is that my gloves prevent me from using the touchscreen as they are a barrier between the screen and my fingers. There are touchscreen gloves available but they may not be the gloves I want to use and I have perfectly good gloves anyway. I have tried other methods including capacitive touch slip-on fingers but they tend to fall off and their cinching velcro attaches to everything it isn't supposed to.

Nanotips black is a fluid that you apply to the finger tips of your gloves and it contains particles that are touchscreen friendly. It comes in a little bottle reminiscent of fingernail polish and actually smells similar too. There are two versions; Nanotips blue that is made for porous gloves like wool and Nanotips black which is for impervious materials like leather, and that is the version I used.

After shaking the bottle thoroughly, simply paint the Nanotips fluid on a largish area of the end of your glove's fingers. Make sure that you cover the part of the glove that will be used on the screen, and also as many fingers as you want to use. I covered the pointy finger and the thumb of my left hand as these are the fingers I will use while riding. After a good coat of the Nanotips fluid is applied use a hot air blower to dry it out. Once it is dry, after about 5 minutes, it is virtually indistinguishable to the leather of your glove and is dry to touch.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical as to whether this product would work but it actually does. Watch the with Nanotips and without Nanotips videos and you will see how this simple product solves a big problem. It is claimed that there is enough to coat 30 fingers in the bottle so it must wear out, but as to how long it lasts is another question. Even if it lasts for a week it will have been a great investment for me.

Price: $14.95

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