Alloy Tanks 05 February 14

Originally Campaigned on the venerable Manx Racers built especially for the longer circuit race at The Isle of Man, this was considered the TT (Tourist Trophy Unit).

It has been modified in the Tunnel section to be used with the Single Backbone Tube frames used on almost all bikes until the late 70s and early 80's. The bottoms use special hardened alloy to shrug off vibrations associated with unbalanced motors used during that period. Please let the sales desk know which bike you are using this on to insure a great fit on your ride. No more worries about additives in your fuel which exacerbate associated fiberglass tank failure.

Approx 3.5 Gallon with authentic 2 1/2" Monza Alloy vented Cap.
Comes Factory mill finished or buffed to a brilliant shine!

These tanks guaranteed to WOW the most hardened Cafe' Racer Critics!

 Price: $949.00

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Alan Goodsell , 05 February 14