Cafe Seat 01 January 01

The DCC Originals Triumph "Factory-fit" Cafe Racer Seat - a ground-up designed piece with that next generation rider and appreciator in mind. Following the lines of a classic bum-stop seat and elements that could afford it a place as a factory Triumph piece, we believe, it's in a class all it's own.

Dime City Cycles have designed the first-ever direct fit, factory-fit "authentic" looking Cafe Racer seat for modern Triumphs that's Made in America. Having spent months of R&D using everything from high-tech laser scanning systems to angle grinders we developed a pan that is a near replica of the bottom of a factory Triumph seat. Our goal was to produce a piece that looks and fits like a factory Triumph piece. All the way down to the clean and tidy rubber bumpers that absorb vibration while approaching the TON.

The seat is formed from two sections of 1/8" ABS plastic and then fused together with a proprietary method ensuring maximum strength while not compromising weight. In addition, we incorporated a full felt-lined glove box hidden behind the rear back cushion large enough to fit your phone, wallet and some spare tools. And as with all our seats, the upholstery is done here too in the great US or A with every single seat being a hand-crafted piece. Cool, right?

This baby comes in a paint-ready gel-coat finish that requires zero body work, only a thin layer of primer and your final color coats are required to get the gleaming finish DCC strives for on all our builds.

As for installation - it's a breeze. Simply remove the two seat mount bolts from your stock seat, slide your old seat off replacing it with the new DCC Cafe Racer seat and re-fit the two rear 6mm bolts.

Price: $499.95

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Alan Goodsell , 01 January 01