D9 Instrument Brackets 03 September 14

Change or relocate the instruments on your Triumph Twin

Triumph make great bikes and their design makes it simple to customize them for your own tastes. Not everyone likes the instruments that the stock bike comes with and even the location of some of the electrics are not to everyone's taste.

D9 can make a custom bracket for you so you can use a variety of instruments and buckets, and position the electrics exactly to your liking. For example move the ignition switch from the frame to where the rest of the instruments are, and even use multi-purpose electronic replacement instruments to clean up the look of your bike. You can use the stock instruments with the stock buckets or add custom buckets. Alternatively use small instruments and add more of them, for example, temp and oil pressure gauges and clocks.

The D9 brackets are made to order, designed & built in the USA and finished individually. The design of their layout is only limited by your imagination and instrument requirements. To make it easy D9 supply a number of stock layouts, just choose what you want and bolt on your project bike. Go here to see a wide range of bracket designs.

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